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Expertise and Specialization

"In the muddle is the sounddance" - James Joyce


Whether due to patterns in how we respond to ourselves or how we relate to others, examining ourselves in the safe and supportive space of a therapeutic relationship can offer us a path to change, growth, and integration between parts of ourselves. Our suffering and difficult feelings- while painful or scary- can be cues to these needs. Our emotional worlds are vast and often, old ways of responding to our vulnerabilities, hopes and longings are preventing us from becoming who we more authentically are and getting what we want. I love what I do, and feel privileged to be part of your journey towards increased health and more life satisfaction.



Couples benefit from therapy for many reasons. Whether newly together, a long-standing couple, new parents, in emotional, sexual, or medical crisis, or considering separating, partners are paradoxically each other's worlds and necessarily, separate people with individual needs. This tension between being an "I" and an "us" can lead to great frustration, sadness, and anger where each partner winds up acting a non-desirable version of themselves with someone they depend on and love. I work pro-actively to help couples examine patterns of relating and the needs and anxieties underneath conflict in order to both listen and be heard differently by one another.


Perinatal Issues / Female Lifespan

Biologically, sociologically, and psychologically, women face particular challenges throughout their lives. I have a special passion for working with women throughout their different life stages, especially during times of identity and hormonal flux, such as puberty, during the reproductive journey, in menopause, or coping with particular medical conditions. In the perinatal period, experiences with adoption, assisted reproduction, infertility, conception, miscarriage, termination, depression, and anxiety deserve special understanding and support. Due to my grounding in the medical field, I am expert in integrating my care with your other medical providers during this time.

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